Is it a good idea to use argan oil instead of Siberian cedar nut oil?

To combat dandruff. To fix damaged hair. To moisturize dry skin. To cure splitting nails. To remove acne. What should you turn to if you are facing one or – what is even worse – a few of such problems? Some people recommend light Siberian cedar nut oil. However, recent studies have proven that Moroccan argan kernel oil is definitely more effective. Where does its uniqueness come from? What are its properties? What are the benefits?

Hair care is like cooking. You don’t have to religiously follow the recipe for stunning hair because sometimes – by changing just one ingredient – you can win more. And this is exactly how replacing cedar oil with argan oil works. They are two ingredients of successful hair and body care that can be used interchangeably to achieve more benefits in body care.

cedaroil and argan oil

Moroccan Argan Kernel Oil and Siberian cedar nut oil: Similarities and differences

CEDAR NUT OIL is extracted from Siberian pine nuts, whereas ARGAN KERNEL OIL is obtained from Argania Spinosa tree kernels. It’s worth realizing that commonly cedar nut oil is available in the form of essential oil so it may be fairly troublesome to find it in a cold-pressed form that wasn’t combined with additives.

Both oils share similar consistency. CEDAR NUT OIL, just like ARGAN KERNEL OIL are golden, runny and well-absorbing beauty oils that neither create oily feel on skin nor do they weigh hair down.

And this is pretty everything that connects both oils because when comparing their effects and properties, there are some discrepancies noticed. For example, ARGAN KERNEL OIL appears to be more universal since it doesn’t only moisturize, nourish and revitalize but also protects, stimulates renewal processes and beautifies. Sadly, CEDAR NUT OIL isn’t that multitasking since it fixes only a few of the mentioned problems.

Indeed, both oils can be applied to scalp, hair, face skin and body. However, only ARGAN KERNEL OIL can be applied solo, whereas CEDAR NUT OIL has to be combined with other oils. The truth is, pure Siberian cedar nut oil may irritate skin when used in a high concentration.

Which argan kernel oil is the best?

Among all argan oils there are better and worse products. The quality of argan oil is determined by two things: the extraction method and origins.

In terms of body care the unrivalled is NANOIL ARGAN OIL which quality is proven by Ecocert certification that is awarded only to the natural cosmetic constituents which are obtained in a clearly defined way. It’s worth realizing that NANOIL ARGAN OIL is:

  • cold-pressed and unrefined
  • 100% organic and natural
  • silicone-free, paraben-free, fragrance-free

A massive advantage of this oil is its MULTITASKING because it can be applied in many ways, to hair, body and face skin, nails.

mini nanoil argan oil for hair kernels

Nanoil Argan Oil: Properties and Effects

All beneficial effects of Argan Oil by Nanoil are owed to its composition. And it’s not about the ingredients used to produce this cosmetic because it contains only one substance, which is pure argan oil. It’s more about the chemical constituents of argan kernels. And this is OVER 100 VARIOUS NUTRIENTS: a high concentration of vitamin E, phytosterols, EFAs (essential fatty acids) and many more.

Owing to the very substances, Nanoil Argan Oil INHIBITS OXIDATION, HAS AN ANTI-AGEING EFFECT, REJUVENATES and REGENERATES. Using it daily and introducing it into beauty routine has plenty of benefits for health and good-looks.

  1. Improves moisture and prevents dry skin/hair.
  2. Revitalizes and stimulates cell self-renewal processes.
  3. Shields against the sun and photoageing.
  4. Facilitates hair styling by making hair smooth and shiny.
  5. Provides heat protection.
  6. Reinforces hair follicles and prevents hair loss.
  7. Regenerates brittle nails.


The most important fact is that only a few drops are needed to achieve the effect because Nanoil Argan Oil is THE BEST BEAUTY OIL THAT ABSORBS THE QUICKEST and which can be used in day-to-day care. It offers a multitude of benefits and is easy to use – no matter if applied solo or combined with store-bought beauty products.

Try it yourself. Visit the official Nanoil web page and give Argan Oil a go. Feel its benefits on your skin. 

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