Fighting with dandruff? Siberian Cedar Oil is the most effective weapon!

olej-cedrowyDandruff is – for many people – an aesthetic problem. Flakes that fall down on your shoulder look unhygienic and ugly. But this isn’t the only problem. Chronic dandruff is a serious disease that you must fight with. It is advisable to reach out for cedar oil which offers anti-seborrheic and anti-inflammatory action.

Dandruff is one of the most common scalp conditions. At the same time, very few people decides to treat it. If we have dandruff, we either do nothing or buy an anti-dandruff shampoo at random. We rarely go to the doctor because we don’t even think about the causes of dandruff. We are unaware how effective cedar oil is in dandruff treatment.

How does dandruff come into being?

White, irritating flakes that fall from your head are the exfoliated epidermis. Exfoliation of calloused layer of skin is perfectly normal. Dandruff occurs when the exfoliation is excessive and accompanied by itching or greasy hair. There are several causes of dandruff:

  • improper care of dry scalp,
  • improper products which irritate the skin,
  • micro-organisms in hair e.g. yeast fungi,
  • washing hair too rarely (greasy hair).

Cedar oil for dandruff.

Artificial synthesis of cedar oil is impossible, which makes it so valuable. Cedar oil is a natural unique product that cannot be replaced with any other product. It is used in cosmetics as well as in natural medicine. It is an ingredient of many cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. It is effective in skin, hair and nails care.

Cedar oil is essential in hair care if we struggle with dandruff. Persistently recurring dandruff, excessive peeling of epidermis and unaesthetic flakes – this is what bothers lots of people. If you use cedar oil regularly, you can get rid of the dandruff for good because it provides:

  • anti-seborrheic action (reduces excessive sebum production),
  • antimycotic action (eliminates yeast fungi which cause dandruff),
  • anti-inflammatory action (heals inflammation that comes with dandruff),
  • scabicidal action (soothes irritation and unpleasant itching).

How to use cedar oil?

First of all, choose cedar oil of finest quality, cold-pressed from the seeds of Siberian pine. Oils that are extracted with different methods don’t have such properties. Second of all, you must use cedar oil regularly. You can use it for hair oiling, add to ready-made masks and shampoos or use it in DIY anti-dandruff cosmetics. Cedar oil is full natural and harmless, which is its great asset.